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What is c4dll.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The c4dll.dll module is part of the Sequiter CodeBase Engine, which provides database development software and services. CodeBase is a high performance database development tool used by software developers to access any XBase type database such as dBase and FoxPro.

The computing client of the Code Base Engine offers the following benefits:

•Stability - If client machine gets disconnected from client server, other users are not affected.

•Security - The Code Base Engine provides secured access to the database server computer.

•Performance - The Code Base client can bolster performance levels on large files in the database by executing queries on the Code Base server and returning only a small set of results to the client.

•Workload Sharing - Typically, when you run a client or server application, you have two computers that work on a single task, and this workload sharing adds processing power to the server thus resulting in excellent hardware performance.

The functions of the c4dll.dll file is used by the CodeBase Engine to provide fast communication between a software application and its XBase Database in a shared network or over the Internet. It has a known file size of 476.00 KB or 487,424 Bytes.

It is important to first define the s4dll.dll and the c4dll.dll modules in order to use Code Base functions. If Windows cannot locate the c4dll.dll module, here are two ways to correct it:

1. Modify the Path environment to include the c4dll.dll path.

2. You may copy or move the c4dll.dll file to the same directory where you build your code or to the Windows system directory.

The Code Base modules (Codebase.pas, codebase.bas, codebase.vb and codebase.cs) need to be updated to ensure that all files referencing the c4dll.dll are replaced with new Dynamic link libraries.


Author: Sequiter Software Company.

Author URL:

Part Of: Sequiter CodeBase Engine

Memory Usage: Low.

Associated Applications: client server applications

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Windows\ System32\ c4dll.dll

DLL Version:

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