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What is ctsblfx.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The module file ctsblfx.dll is associated with the Creative Audio Product line developed and marketed by Creative Technology Ltd. The ctsblfx.dll is identified with the Sound Blaster audio card family of the company, which has become for many years the computer industry de facto audio standard for IBM Personal Computer compatible system platforms prior to the PC audio's commoditizing and availability of backward compatibility features. The file ctsblfx.dll, developed by the Singapore based Creative Technology or otherwise known as Creative Labs (the company's subsidiary in the United States), supports the Sound Blaster audio family and is closely associated with the Sound Blaster Audigy. The driver installation package for the Sound Blaster Audigy contains the ctsblfx.dll file. Sound Blaster Audigy is supported by the file ctsblfx.dll, and it is a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI Standard) add-on board created by Creative Technology for Personal Computers.

The PCI architecture of the ctsblfx.dll file supported Sound Blaster Audigy features the EMU10K2 Audigy processor, which is an improved version that is shipped with the Sound Blaster Live! PCI audio card. This sound device utilizes EMU10K1. The PCI architecture specifies computer bus, which host's peripheral devices attached to the computer motherboard. The PCI device commonly found in modern PCs are called expansion cards such as the Sound Blaster Audigy. PCI is also commonly referred to as an expansion slot, which can host a modem, Ethernet card, audio card, or similar devices that conform to the PCI Standard.

The module ctsblfx.dll is described as the Creative Sound Blaster FX Plug-in for the Creative Audio Product line of Creative Technology Ltd. The sound or audio effects functionality of the audio card is incorporated within the ctsblfx.dll file. Sound or audio effects are sounds that are artificially created and enhanced or audio processes that are utilized for emphasis of artistic content in film, television, animation, music, computer games and similar forms of media. The functionality provided by the file ctsblfx.dll is often focused on recording processes, dialogue segregation, and music reverberation or flanging. The Creative Audio Product line uses the ctsblfx.dll file in order to further enhance the audio experience provided to the user.

The module ctsblfx.dll is usually included in the installation package for the device driver and is automatically installed together with the driver. The installation of the file ctsblfx.dll also creates an entry in the Microsoft Windows Registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ SYSTEM/ CurrentControlSet/ Services/.

Author: Creative Technology Ltd

Author URL:

Part Of: Creative Audio Product SB FX Plug-in

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Microsoft Windows Operating System (and other applications that utilize audio sound effects)

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: Yes

Common Path: C:\ WINDOWS\ system32\

DLL Version:

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