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What is d3dx9_32.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

Microsoft Corporation developed the file d3dx9_32.dll as part of the DirectX system component associated with Direct3D. Direct3D (3D referring to three-dimensional) is a component of the DirectX Application Program Interface (API) from Microsoft Corporation that is incorporated in every Microsoft Windows Operating System platform introduced since the Microsoft Window 95. Aside from the Microsoft Window Operating System, Direct3D which is associated with the file d3dx9_32.dll also serves as the foundation for the graphics system of the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox360 game consoles. Direct3D with the assistance of library files like the module d3dx9_32.dll provide three-dimensional graphics rendering for applications that require it like computer games. The advantage of using Direct3D and the module file d3dx9_32.dll is that it allows the application to execute in full screen rather than just running within a window.

Hardware acceleration requirements of Direct3D are provided by the graphics board which provides the functionality of either partial or full rendering of the 3D pipeline. With the combination of the d3dx9_32.dll file and Direct3D, the advanced capabilities of graphic cards are exposed. The file d3dx9_32.dll is integrated into the DirectX technology which enables the Direct3D function to provide features like video mapping, sprites, 3D rendering in 2D overlay planes and other uses in interactive media. Direct3D and its associated file d3dx9_32.dll have assumed the responsibility of 2D graphics rendering from the DirectDraw framework.

The module file d3dx9_32.dll and the Direct3D API are the main competitors of OpenGL technology. The d3dx9_32.dll file is part of the DirectX application which is considered a system component that is requires by various games to run properly. DirectX provides a set of tools and libraries like the file d3dx9_32.dll that enhances multimedia applications and game play. The Microsoft DirectX is a compilation of the latest graphics technologies contained in files like the module d3dx9_32.dll which are designed to provide advanced, stable and impressive graphics on Microsoft Windows Operating System platforms. DirectX which includes the d3dx9_32.dll file is supported by various consumer and workstation graphics applications and even hardware solutions.

The module file d3dx9_32.dll is a set of help functions relative to 3D that is incorporated into Direct3D. Other applications for the file d3dx9_32.dll can be found in business, enterprise, IT applications, consumer applications, gaming, game development, 3D animation and even CAD engineering applications. The module file d3dx9_32.dll is included in the December 2006 update of the DirectX application software.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL: http://

Part Of: DirectX API

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: CAD, 3D animation, games and various applications that utilize 3D rendering.

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: Yes

Common Path: C:\ WINDOWS\ system32\

DLL Version: 9.16.843.0

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