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What is dunzip32.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The dunzip32.dll file is an application program responsible for decompressing documentation stored in a compressed file and folder where the file or the folder is copied, extracted or executed. Likewise, the file dunzip.dll is also responsible for compressing documents, files and folders.

The dunzip32.dll file has numerous versions published by many companies. Examples of such are: version created by RealWorks Incorporated, version made by Alpha Software Incorporated, version published by Corel Corporation, version made by McAfee, version created by Sony Corporation.

The newest version of the application dunzip32.dll is 6.00.21021. This version is published by FrontRange Solutions Incorporated, the owner of GoldMine 6.0 6.X. The only commonality in all the versions is that the file dunzip.dll could be located in C:/ Program files/ Goldmine/ dunzip32.dll.

The latest version, DynaZIP 32 Multi-threading unzip DLL, is a toolkit under the name Gzip and TAR used for the automated archiving, compression and data transfer between Windows and Linux. This application includes a comprehensive set of program interface and programming languages, examples of which are COM, .NET, and ActiveX. The file dunzip32.dll supports file-to-file, file-to-memory and memory-to-memory data compression and decompression, encryption/decryption, renaming, progress monitoring, multi-threading and background processing functions for Windows and Linux operating systems.

The dunzip32.dll file has a file size of 98,304 bytes. The authenticity of the file could be checked by pressing the Ctrl+Enter on the filename and by clicking the tab version. From here, the computer user can compare the values listed below and could verify the file owner's authenticity.

Author: FrontRange Solutions Incorporated

Author URL:

Part Of: DynaZIP 32

Memory Usage: Low.

Associated Applications: GoldMine 6.0 6.X, DynaZIP GT, Microsoft Windows, Linux

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: Yes

Common Path: C:\ Program files\ Goldmine\ dunzip32.dll

DLL Version: 6.00.21021

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