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The computer game Warcraft III uses the game.dll module to process a lot of its gaming features.

Warcraft was developed as a real-time strategy computer game. The game Warcraft III (or War3) is the third game set in the Warcraft Universe. The content of this game involves four playable races: Humans and Orcs, the Night Elves and the Undead.

The game.dll file contains the methods required when calling on the controls, environment (such as 3D) and layering in Warcraft III. Added features from the previous Warcraft releases include the multiplayer mode, high-resolution support and other unique controls that make the game more exciting.

With its 'multiplayer mayhem' feature, Warcraft III expands its multiple player option of up to 12 players per game. It also allows for multiple game types, including team play and questing. The game.dll file in War3 can also support high resolution display. Multiple resolutions can be initialized without affecting display, including the ones used in 3D cards. The spell-casting system that Warcraft is popular was also greatly improved in this version. It now includes offensive spells, defensive spells, counter spells, autocast spells, auras and ultimate spells.

The functionality of networking gaming is also extended by the module game.dll by implementing shared unit control between players. It also allows players to trade their resources dynamically. Gamers can also choose to be in observation mode as other players continue the game.

One of the unique features of War3 is the integration of features to its gaming capability. The use of separate namespace for War3 on allows players to obtain new account names without creating conflict with previous games.

The game.dll file also contains functions for the implementation of the Advanced World editor design tools. These tools allow players to customize many aspects of the game, including tile sets, character art, quests, mission objectives, unit types, artificial intelligence, attributes, special abilities and spells.

Author: Blizzard Entertainment

Author URL:

Part Of: Warcraft III

Memory Usage: Medium

Associated Applications: Warcraft III,

Background DLL: No.

Uses Network: No.

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Program Files\ Warcraft III\ game.dll

DLL Version:

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