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What is generator.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The generator.dll file is used by Macromedia Dreamweaver as a development tool and is also called as the Generator API to Java. The module initiates a special routine that is used in controlling iteration behavior or repetitive process in a program. The generator.dll file returns the array, in the sense that it has parameters and produces sequence values. So instead of building the array that contains all of the values and returning it all at once, the generator.dll file yields the Java values one a time. This process requires decreased memory and enables processing of only the first few values only.

The DLL functions as the application programming interface that generates Java values in certain manner so that it can be processed one at a time. The program housing the generator.dll module, Macromedia Dreamweaver is an application for web development that was originally created by Macromedia and is now maintained by Adobe Systems. The application can run on both Windows and Mac operating systems and supports web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, frameworks, ASP.NET and many others.

The Macromedia Dreamweaver is also an editing application that is able to hide HTML page detail codes from users, enabling non-developers to make web sites and pages. The application allows easy creation of layouts that are table-based. This method does not use HTML tables for page laid outing but instead uses style sheets like Cascading Style Sheets to be able to organize elements in a web page. The application lets users preview web sites in multiple browsers that are installed on the computer. The generator.dll module allows JavaScript usage without having much coding knowledge.

Author: Macromedia Inc./ Adobe Systems Inc.

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Macromedia Dreamweaver

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Macromedia Dreamweaver

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Program files\ macromedia\ dreamweaver 8\ configuration\ generator\ generator.dll

DLL Version:

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