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What is granny2.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

Granny is a potent toolkit for designing diverse kinds of interactive 3D applications. It features the most efficient and flexible content exporters, data manipulation, and run-time animation system from RAD Game Tools, Inc. The granny2.dll module supports the function files for Granny application version 2.0 series.

The granny2.dll module features a complete game content exporter for all the major 3D content development tools. These exporters feature detailed manual and automated preferences that can be set per object, texture, and material in 3D rendering scenes. The granny2.dll file provides a complete automation support via each art tool's native scripting interface.

The program export all content to a standard, carefully defined file format that can be easily read in using the granny2.dll module in a single call. Once read, the files are passable as in-memory C structures, making data analysis and conversion. The user can read the Granny files that go out of the exporter directly, and use this data in application design. The granny2.dll file permits the program developer to write a trivial preprocessor extracting data from the Granny files and adapts them into proprietary format for later use by the designed application.

The core of the module granny2.dll is an exclusively powerful character animation system. This system gives diverse flexibility and performance for b-spline based animation playback, modification, blending, and inverse kinematics. All operations are elemental, and give consent to the program user in customizing each step of the animation process. The granny2.dll file animation system is trivial to use with Granny data, because it contains all the necessary helper functions for instantiating Granny-format data.

The granny2.dll module affords a number of non-run-time tools such as custom, better-than-ZIP file compression, automatic structured file I/O and conversion. Bink and S3 texture compressions are also being linked including vertex format conversion, pixel format conversion, animation compression, animation centering, and motion extraction.

Author: RAD Game Tools, Inc

Author URL:

Part Of: Granny Version 2 series Applications

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Earlier Versions of Granny Applications

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Program Files\

DLL Version:

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