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What is iedkcs32.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The DLL iedkcs32.dll is defined as Microsoft Internet Explorer Customization Library. This module is part of Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK). The iedkcs32.dll module contains the functions that allow customization of the Internet Explorer browser such as file location, platform selection, etc.

The module iedkcs32.dll is implemented by running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard. It allows you to customize Internet Explorer depending on your license and the version of IEAK that you specified during setup, ISP (Internet Service Provider), ICP (Internet Content Provider), or Corporate.

The first stages of customization provided by the iedkcs32.dll file prompts for basic information including File Location, Platform Selection, Language Selection, Media Selection, and the Feature Selection. The File Location specifies where the custom package will be saved, making sure that the folder you choose is secured. With Platform Selection, the operating system and the processor architecture is specified on which the custom package will be deployed.

The iedkcs32.dll file lets you choose the language to be used for the custom browser. The Language Selection is where a separate package for each language of Internet Explorer must be provided. The Media Selection allows you to choose the media format that you want to use in distributing the custom browser. The last of the basic information needed by the iedkcs32.dll module is the Feature Selection where you can choose the browser features that you want to customize for the package.

In this stage of running the iedkcs32.dll application, you can automatically synchronize your version of Internet Explorer by specifying its location then downloading it. The Add Custom Components lets you specify the details for custom components that you want to include. For the corporate version, the Corporate Install Options provide settings for the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, the default browser, uninstallation, and the IE updates.

The application iedkcs32.dll also provides customization of the browser's toolbar, browser title, search provider, welcome page, favorite links and feeds, connection settings, security and privacy settings.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL:

Part Of: Microsoft Operating System

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Internet Explorer; Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ WINDOWS\ system32\ iedkcs32.dll

DLL Version: 16.0.2900.2180

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