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What is issetup.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The file issetup.dll is part of the Windows InstallShield program used by various applications that runs on Microsoft Windows Platform. The said module was developed and distributed by Microsoft Corporation to simplify the integration of applications into the operating system.

The issetup.dll file is a C++ based MSI DLL that contains the full InstallScript scripting run-time engine used by applications on installing important components of their software into the system. Basic and InstallScript MSI includes 100 custom actions that can be performed during run-time of the application.

Normally, the issetup.dll will be placed on the same folder as the InstallShield executable file. On installer CDs, you can normally find the issetup.dll along with the application on the first root directory of the first CD (Disk1). Example, if your CD/DVD drive is "E:/", then we can say that the path of the module is "E:/issetup.dll".

Most issetup.dll module has a standard file size of 17,543 bytes. But depending on the complexity of the installation as well as the size of the program itself, the values can go higher.

It goes with the use of system resources for issetup.dll. If the file size is the one stated above then it will be allocated around 20 to 30Kb of RAM and virtual resources. The bigger the file sizes then its possible that the allocation of resources would be bigger as well.

Considering the function of InstallShield program including the module issetup.dll, it is very important that this file exists on the installer CD or folder of the program so that it can be installed in the system. Deleting it might cause the housing program's executable file to cease its designated function since the protocols and functions that is required to install the software no longer exists.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Windows InstallShield application for Windows-based programs

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: The issetup.dll file is associated with InstallShield application used by various programs to install important components into the Windows operating system.

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: The file issetup.dll is usually placed under the same location as the installer application that uses it.

DLL Version: 4.90.3000

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