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What is libxml2.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The Libxml software was designed to be a general purpose toolkit for the Extensible Markup Language (XML). It offers easily handled functions that make extensible language more than just a method of defining elements.

Its author Daniel Veillard created it as an XML processor that implements existing standards related to markup languages as well as a few extra functions related to the modules libxslt.dll, xmlsec.dll, and gdome.dll. While often referred to as GNOME-XML, the libxml2.dll module actually does not depend on GNOME. Rather, it is the other way around.

The XML toolkit and C parser are embedded on the libxml2.dll module. This file was created as a freeware module to be used for the Gnome project. However, this module can also be used on environments other than the Gnome platform. As portable software, Libxml2 can be built to work on various computing environments such as Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS X, CygWin, RISK Os, VMS, OS/2, MVS, and QNX among others.

As a parser and processor for XML, Libxml2 implements a number of existing standards related to markup languages, including the XML standard, namespaces in XML, XML base, Uniform Resource Identifiers, XML Path Language, HTML4 parser, XML pointer language and XML inclusions.

The libxml2.dll file can support additional specifications in XML although it is not capable of implementing them completely. These include:

* Document Object Model (DOM): Libxml2 cannot functionally implement the API, but it can provide support for the document model (this is done on the module libxml2 by gdome2)

* RFC 959 : it has built-in call functions that can practically implement FTP client codes that are fundamental for such purposes

* RFC 1945: (a fundamental HTTP client code) HTTP/1.0

* SAX: a minimal SAX1 implementation that has embedded functions with compatibility support for previous expat versions together with an interface similar to SAX2

Programmers can build Libxml2 using autotools by putting the headers in <prefix>/libxml2/libxml/*.h, such that the libxml-2.0.pc file in libxml2.dll module will read like:





Author: Daniel Veillard

Author URL:

Part Of: LibXML (also known as GNOME-XML)

Memory Usage: Low.

Associated Applications: LibXML2

Background DLL: No.

Uses Network: No.

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: D:\ LibXML2 setup\ libxml2.dll

DLL Version: 2.6.14

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