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What is msvcr70.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 Runtime Library or the DLL msvcr70.dll is a module containing standard C library functions such as printf, memcpy, and cos. It is part of the Microsoft C Runtime Library. The program file msvcr70.dll contains program code used to run programs written using Microsoft Visual C++. The msvcr70.dll component is required for programs written with Visual C++ to function correctly.

The user is warned against terminating or removing the application msvcr70.dll. Microsoft support group instead advises the program user to contact them to avoid permanent damage to the Windows operating system. The file is an integral part of the Microsoft Foundation Class Library or Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). MFC is a library that wraps parts of the Windows Application Programming Interface in C++ classes.

Microsoft Foundation Classes was introduced in 1992 with Microsoft's C/C++ 7.0 compiler for use with 16-bit versions of Windows. The Windows C++ application was just beginning to replace C for development of commercial application software. The C/C++ 7.0 was the first of Microsoft's compiler that the mvcrt70.dll file provided the needed support. The msvcr70.dll file is imported by Windows .Net program for a broader framework extension interface.

Microsoft's emphasis on MFC has been reduced in favor of their .NET Framework. The msvcr70.dll module supplied the bridging elements of MFC with the .NET Framework to aid developers in migrating to the new API. A 'leaner, meaner' alternative to MFC is the Windows Template Library (WTL). The mscvr70.dll library compiles Windows Template Library applications, but does not include the Integrated Development Environment support of the standard, professional and team editions.

Among the associated applications of the msvcr70.dll file running on Visual C++ interface are the msvcirt.dll, msvcirtd.dll, msvcp50.dll, msvcp60.dll, msvcrt10.dll, msvcrt20.dll, msvcrt40.dll, and msvcrtd.dll. The present version of the file is 7.00.9466.08 and functions using a low physical memory of 37.789 Kilobytes. Microsoft Corporation is listed in the process data registry as the author of the msvcr70.dll component.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Application

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: The file msvcrt.dll is related to msvcirt.dll, msvcirtd.dll, msvcp50.dll, msvcp60.dll, msvcrt10.dll, msvcrt20.dll, msvcrt40.dll, and msvcrtd.dll.

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Windows\ System32

DLL Version: 7.00.9466.08

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