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What is mwcomutil.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The mwcomutil.dll file serves as a module where the MWComUtil library is contained. This library is provided with the Excel Builder from a programming language and environment operating numerical analysis. This programming language, called MATLAB, which comes from The MathWorks, is able to provide the easy manipulation of a matrix, data and function plotting, execution of algorithms, user interfaces creation, and interactiong with other languages' programs.

The MATLAB Excel Builder with the file mwcomutil.dll contains the "componentinfo" of the MATLAB function for querying the system registry for any installed components of the Excel Builder. This function is executed in the MATLAB with the major version name, minor version number, and component name as arguments, returning a collection of structures containing requested information. The calling of "componentinfo" without any argument returns the installed components of the Excel Builder on the computer.

The registration of the MWComUtil library contained in the mwcomutil.dll file is required on every machine utilizing the components of the Excel Builder. The MWComUtil library is registered at the command prompt with the following command:

Mwregsvr mwcomutil.dll

The MWComUtil library in the mwcomutil.dll file incorporates seven utility library classes, which include the class MWUtil, MWArg, MWSparse, MWComplex, MWStruct, MWFlags, and MWFields, and the enumerations that is comprised of Enum mwArrayFormat, Enum mwDateFormat, and Enum mwDatatype. Before the use of these types, MWComUtil libraries' explicit references in the integrated development environment of the Visual Basic software program must be made. This is done by selecting Tools and choosing References from the Visual Basic editor's main menu. A list of type libraries that are available appears on the References dialog box where MWComUtil 1.0 Type Library is selected.

Part oOf: MATLAB Excel Builder

Author: The MathWorks

Author URL:

Part Of:

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Visual Basic, MATLAB Excel Builder

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ MATLAB6p5\ bin\ win32\ mwcomutil.dll

DLL Version: 1.0.0

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