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What is netapi.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

To access a Microsoft network, applications call on the functions in the netapi.dll module that implement the Windows NET API.

The netapi.dll module is also known as Microsoft LAN Manager Library. The LAN Manager is a Networking Operating System (NOS) intended to be a successor of 3Com's 3+Share network server software that runs on top of MS-DOS. The predecessors of the LAN Manager in Microsoft are the MS-NET for MS-DOS and Xenix-NET for MS-Xenix. Like its predecessors, the netapi.dll file also operates on the basis of the OS/2 and NBF protocol

While the LAN Manager operates in similar ways with OS/2, MS-DOS, and Windows, the operating system allows more functionality when LAN Manager operates in Microsoft OS/2. This is because OS/2 supports multiple program threads and all LAN Manager Services. OS/2 also supports long filenames when installed with HPFS. This is contrast with the MS-DOS and Windows which can support only one program thread, FAT "8.3" filenames and the Messenger, Netpopup, and Workstation services.

LAN Manager API functions are contained in the netapi.dll file only in systems with OS/2 and Windows. Depending on the platform and the functions called on the netapi.dll server, these operating-system platforms may need more than on link library in order to run the LAN Manager. MS-DOS systems do not have the netapi.dll file. Instead, the LAN Manager API functions are contained in the static-link library DOSLAN.LIB.

Other link libraries related to the netapi.dll file which are equally required to run the LAN Manager are: MS OS/2 1.2+ LAN.LIB MAILSLOT.DLL, NETOEM.DLL PMSPL.LIB PMSPL.DLL MS OS/2 1.1 LAN.LIB MAILSLOT.DLL, NETOEM.DLL NETSPOOL.LIB NETSPOOL.DLL, NETAPI.DLL Windows 3.0 LAN.LIB NETAPI.DLL PMSPL.LIB PMSPL.DLL MS-DOS DOSLAN.LIB

Before the Windows NT Advanced Server was developed in 1993, Microsoft released the LAN Manager 2.2, which included an MS-OS/2 1.31 base operating system. Independent vendors shipped licensed versions of the LAN Manager, including 3Com 3+Open, HP LAN Manager/X, IBM LAN Server and Tapestry Torus.

Author: Microsoft Corporation, 3Com

Author URL:

Part Of: Windows operating system

Memory Usage: Low.

Associated Applications: Microsoft OS/2

Background DLL: No.

Uses Network: No.

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ OS\ netapi.dll

DLL Version: 3.11

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