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What is nspr4.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The nspr4.dll file is a module of Netscape Communications Corporation's NSPR (Netscape Portable Runtime) Library. This library contains a collection of files that support non-GUI (Graphic User Interface) OS resource like shared library, threads, thread synchronization and shared library linking, in order to become independent from platforms. A major purpose of the nspr4.dll module is to map the system layer of the Java VM to port it to various platforms. The NSPR aims to make operating systems associated with it similar to Mozilla.

There are actually five independent publishers of the nspr4.dll file. The first one, Mozilla Foundation, makes use of the DLL by making it an extension of the Firefox 3 Beta application. Their version takes up 165.50 KB of disk space. The next publisher is AOL, which uses the version of the nspr4.dll module for its AOL IM 5.x, and uses up 156 KB of disk space.

Sun Microsystems Incorporated is the third publisher of the nspr4.dll library with their version that takes up 156 KB of hard disk space. They use the DLL for their 2.x office suite, and their Star Office 8.x application.. Next up is Participatory Culture Foundation with the version of the nspr4.dll file, using about 152.10 KB of disk space for their Democracy Player 0.9x application.

Last is of course, Netscape Communications Corporation, which released its version of the nspr4.dll module drawing on 152 KB of hard disk space for their Browser 8.x. The default locations of the nspr4.dll file are: c:/ program files/ mozilla firefox 3 beta 1/ nspr4.dll; c:/ program files/ aim/ nspr4.dll; c:/ program files/ 2.3/ program/ nspr4.dll; c:/ program files/ participatory culture foundation/ democracy player/ xulrunner/ nspr4.dll; and c:/ program files/ netscape/ nspr4.dll respectively.

A recent problem that has afflicted the nspr4.dll file is its unexplainable removal by Spybot. A program that was reportedly affected by the file's removal is Visual Studio 2003, and the executable ctfmon.exe. The ctfmon.exe file is used by Microsoft Office XP for monitoring the active windows and providing alternative user input technologies.

Author: Netscape Communications Corporation

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Microsoft Windows Operating System, Netscape Portable Runtime Library

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Firefox 3 Beta, AOL IM, Netscape Browser, Democracy Player, OpenOffice, Star Office

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: c:\ program files\ mozilla firefox 3 beta 1\ nspr4.dll; c:\ program files\ aim\ nspr4.dll; c:\ program files\ 2.3\ program\ nspr4.dll; c:\ program files\ participatory culture foundation\ democracy player\ xulrunner\ nspr4.dll; and c:\ program files\ netscape\ nspr4.dll

DLL Version: (Mozilla), (AOL IM), (Netscape Browser), Culture Foundation), and (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

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