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What is nvwrsfr.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The file nvwrsfr.dll is the NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager that interacts with the performance of a certain device for multi viewing or multi heading purposes. Having 327,680 bytes of component size but also has been viewed with a file size of 249,856 bytes, the module nvwrsfr.dll accelerates the performance of video imaging using any video viewer.

The NVIDIA Corporation improved the development of the visual processing unit resulting in a very efficient digital manipulation of the digital synthesizing content of the VGA's, together with the game consoles.

The nvwrsfr.dll file controls the appearance of some parts of a larger desktop manager between a user and the computer device interface. While multi-viewing process takes place, the video card and its restored memory are fractioned into several parts depending on how many views of the video are made. This library prevents the decrease of processing power of the computer's multi-tasking ability and thus, partitions the Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) to its proper allocation. The stored frame-buffer in a graphics accelerator card complies with this module in order to avoid another video adapter installation for the better capacity of the processing VRAM's improved performance. The software, however, should be in good terms of being aware of multi usage of visual devices.

With the nvwrsfr.dll component, better and quality controlled video and image displays can be implemented with multi display setups and high quality VGAs.

Author: NVIDIA Corporation

Author URL:

Part Of: MS Windows and OS/2

Memory Usage: High

Associated Applications: Macromedia Flash

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ WINDOWS\ system32\ nvwrsfr.dll

DLL Version:

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