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What is ogg.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The Ogg Vorbis has been widely acclaimed as a new high-quality audio compression format at par with other digital audio formats such as MP3, VQF, and AAC. This new software formats audio files that are initialized by a tandem DLL, the ogg.dll module and the vorbis.dll file.

The big difference with Ogg Vorbis is that it is completely free, open and unpatented. It is an open source application that can be downloaded from the Internet, particularly the home page of

Interestingly, users have often misinterpreted the ogg.dll file. Ogg is actually the name of the container format for audio, video and metadata. In short, Ogg files that are processed by the ogg.dll file are simple music files like MP3 files. It uniqueness lies in its being lightweight, and, as claimed by its authors, offers higher quality sound. What's more, the ogg.dll file can also execute embedding of other audio formats like FLAC and Speex. On the other hand, Vorbis is the name of a specific audio compression scheme designed to contain in Ogg.

PC users can hear the sound of Ogg files through the Ogg player. This audio device software is freely downloadable. Experts have noted that the sound quality on the PC of Ogg files are just as good as an MP3 file, but is weak on the Tungsten. The mobile device PLAM came out with an audio patch that repaired the down-sampling problem in Ogg files.

Other functionalities of the Ogg-Vorbis application contained in the ogg.dll module are that it enables users to program an Ogg encoder within an application. Streaming Ogg data rather than loading all files at one time can support long background music. This way, users can avoid having the files eat up a lot of memory for the files to be decoded.

The ogg.dll file along with other DLLs such as the vorbis.dll file, the DLL vorbisfile.dll and the module vorbisenc.dll implements the Ogg Vorbis software. The SDK used in Ogg Vorbis comes in the form of header files and the abovementioned DLLs. The header files are ogg/ogg.h, vorbis/vorbis.h, vorbis/ vorbisfile.h, and vorbis/vorbisenc.h. The ogg.lib, vorbis.lib vorbisfile.lib, and vorbisenc.lib import libraries must be added to the source code along with the header files and DLLs to implement the application. All of these are completely downloadable from the Internet.

Author: The Xiph Open Source Community

Author URL:

Part Of: Ogg Vorbis Audio software

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Ogg Vorbis Audio format-enabled applications

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Program Files\ Ogg Vorbis\ ogg.dll

DLL Version:

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