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What is options.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The options.dll file is the Options Plug-in Manager included in most Symantec security products. The options.dll module customizes the general features of Norton Anti Virus and Norton Internet Security, and allows the user access to more options while running other specific programs.

Throughout the installation of the software, there are helpful instructions which allow you to install with either the default options or with customized settings. Once the software is all installed and up to date, the options.dll module helps set the software up to give it the best possible protection. The Norton programs have a very simple and easy to understand options menu. The user does not really need to change anything in the default settings, but if some options are changed, the options.dll module stores all the settings to load it every time the software is run.

The interface for Symantec products is straightforward and uncomplicated to navigate. The software has three menu settings - Live Update, Rescue, and Options. The left pane contains the links to the Status window, Scan for Viruses window, and Reports window. Most of the configuration choices are in the Options menu, updated by the options.dll module; still, some are in the Live Update and the Scan for Viruses menu. The options.dll module settings can be configured to automatically check for updates, or on a pre scheduled basis through the Options menu interface.

Among the many features managed by the options.dll module on Symantec products are:

* Firewall - main defense against malicious viruses. It prevents any such programs from entering your network. You can change the alerting level, and the programs allowed accessing the Internet and network settings. The general rules for programs and ports can also be configured through the options.dll module and the intrusion detection feature alerts and protects to any possible attacks by hackers or programs.

* The ad blocker - a comprehensive pop up blocker that also blocks banners and ads.

* Spam filtering - acts to scan and block unwanted emails from the inbox of installed email programs. Standard with most email providers, but offers the option to block specific emails with restricted words and phrases.

* Privacy control - allows you to add personal data to the program for it to protect. Warns you when you are revealing it and warns you if you are sending your details out to an unsecured website. Personal details can be added under the options.dll module, but there is an option stop any of your personal data from being revealed, which includes tracking cookies and bank details.

Author: Symantec Corporation

Author URL:

Part Of: Norton Anti Virus, Norton Internet Security

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Norton Anti Virus, Norton Internet Security

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Program Files\ Common Files\ Symantec Shared\ Options\

DLL Version: 2006.2.00.153

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