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What is steam.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

Steam is a broadband platform and digital content management system. It is an integral part of the Valve software that directly delivers applications to your desktop. It also provides content delivery, component revision control and data security to developers of such content. Steam is embedded within a Steam-enabled application giving it a virtual file system from which it can obtain resources from a local cache, CD, or the Internet. The Steam Client Engine, the steam.dll module, powers steam.

The steam.dll file contains general functions, which the Steam and the Steam games use to perform common tasks such as connecting to the Steam network for game registration, updates, and multiplayer gaming. It launches with the main Steam executable, the steam.exe application.

The steam.dll module works with other processes and variables to ensure that the user is provided with a high-end gaming experience. It consists of the SteamApps folder that stores downloaded game content, user settings for games, and custom maps and sounds downloaded from game servers. Every Steam Account is provided with a unique SteamID that allows server administrators to perform administrative tasks without knowing a single user's account name. In addition, each Steam game has a Steam AppID used while setting Steam launch Options in order to automatically start the game when loading Steam.

The steam.dll module has a Distributed File System that allows a game to launch before it has been completely downloaded. By creating lists of files and requesting them when needed, a linear game can be begun with only the executable code and a buffer of the first few areas downloaded. You can play games through Steam even if you are offline. This is through a single-player game that is particularly useful if you do not plan on playing over the Internet and would prefer not to download updates for your games.

The steam.dll module can validate its downloaded content for errors, a process that gives many of the benefits of reinstalling in a fraction of the time. The majority of error messages referencing to the steam.dll application are firewall-related.

Author: Valve Corporation

Author URL:

Part Of: Steam

Memory Usage: High

Associated Applications: steam.exe

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Program Files\ Steam\ steam.dll

DLL Version:

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