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What is vbsendmail.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The vbsendmail.dll file, developed in VB6, provides the simplest possible interface to SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). This component is very simple to use and supports multiple copies of the same email and multiple attachments.

The vbsendmail.dll module allows you to send multiple file attachments in an e-mail, or send the e-mail to multiple CC Recipients. The vbsendmail.dll module also contains a number of advanced properties that are optional but useful under special circumstances (e.g., in cases where the SMTP server requires login, when you want to send your e-mail formatted as HTML, etc.).

The vbsendmail.dll module works by encapsulating a Winsock control, sending messages based on the SMTP protocol to the mail host, and responding to replies from the SMTP host. Visual Basic 6 or above is required because a number of built-in methods like "Split" and "Replace", which are only available in Visual Basic 6, are used.

The following two files must be installed and properly registered on any target machine where you intend to run the vbsendmail.dll module:


and mswinsock.ocx.

If you use the Package and Deployment Wizard to create an installation for your target machines, verify that it includes the files mentioned above. If not, you must add them manually. The vbsendmail.dll is compiled along with VB6.0, service pack 4. If your version is different, you may need to recompile the vbsendmail.dll file that is on your system.

The vbsendmail.dll module was originally developed by, but it has been taken over by Dean Dusenbery since version 2.0. He has made numerous version upgrades since then. These upgrades greatly improve upon the previous version. The vbsendmail.dll component is clearly of commercial quality.

Author: Dean Dusenbery

Author URL:

Part Of: Visual Basic 6

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Visual Basic 6

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Windows\ System\

DLL Version: 3.65

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