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What is vga.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The module vga.dll is also known in computing term as the Video Graphics Array Color Display Driver. The module is part of the VGASAVE compiled folders. The VGASAVE is developed to automate the loading of Windows when the default video card driver is not working, or if a freshly installed video card driver does not work.

The vga.dll file carries a graphics display system for personal computers. The file provides higher pixel addressability in color graphics. It also functions as a graphics controller, serializer, display memory, attribute controller, sequencer and a CRT controller. The bulk of the work is undertaken by the CPU, which feeds pixel and text info to the vga.dll module.

The Graphics Controller of the vga.dll file performs various functions using data written to display memory while the Display Memory contains 256k RAM divided into four panels of 64k colors and is used to store screen display data. The vga.dll component serializer is tasked to take data from the display memory, which is then converted to a serial bitstream, which is sent to the attribute controller.

The vga.dll module's Attribute Controller consists of the color Look Up Table which determines what color will be displayed for a given pixel value in display memory while the sequencer in the folder is called when there is a need for control the board timing and enables or disables color panels. The CRT Controller of the vga.dll file generates blanking and syncing signals to control the display on the monitor.

However, the vga.dll file provides low level graphics which when taking into consideration that the VGA card includes a frame buffer but has no actual processing power, means that the PC's CPU has to do most of the graphics number crunching. Thus, the video graphics speed of a given computer is highly dependent on the CPU speed.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL:

Part Of: Windows operating system

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: VGASAVE, VGA.sys

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Windows\ system32\ vga.dll

DLL Version: 5.1.2600.0

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