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What is wsock32.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

Microsoft developed the OSR2 Win95b versions that replaced the winsock.dll module with the file wsock32.dll, which is a 32-bit version of Winsock. The developers of WinSock version 1.1 deliberately limited its scope in terms of usefulness resulting in the simple architecture of WinSock 1.1.

The vendor providing the TCP/IP stack provides the wsock32.dll file. The implementations of the DLL and the protocol stack cannot be mixed and matched with other TCP/IP and DLL.

The module wsock32.dll provides the WinSock API, and its DLL "talks" to the underlying protocol stack via a proprietary programming interface. WinSock version 1.1 supports one protocol suite, TCP/IP, and most computers running Windows only have a single network interface.

The wsock32.dll file is a major networking component in the Windows 98 operating system. It contains the Windows Sockets API used by most TCP/IP Internet and network applications to handle network connections.

Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol are commonly referred to as TCP/IP. It is a communication standard that defines how data travels on the Internet and how network/communication devices communicate with each other. TCP/IP is an actual standard of transferring the data on the network and on the Internet using the wsock32.dll module. Based on a 4-byte 32-bit address, the IP forwards each packet. The Transmission Control Protocol is responsible for verifying the correct delivery of data from the client to server. It helps detect the errors in the transmission and enables the data to retransmit correctly.

Using the wsock32.dll module, the TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol) work together in which TCP breaks the data into smaller packets before they can be sent and IP sends the packets to the receivers. The TCP handles the communication between the application software while the IP takes care of the communication between the computers. The TCP/IP defines the rules of communication over the Internet.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL:

Part Of: Windows Operating System

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: TCP/IP

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Windows\ system32\ wsock32.dll

DLL Version: 5.1.2600.0

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