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What is xmlparse.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The file xmlparse.dll contains program code used by ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger when working with data stored in eXtensible Markup Language, or XML as more commonly known in computing language. XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information carrying both content, like words, pictures, etc., and some indications of what role that particular content plays.

The xmlparse.dll module carries XML parser functions essential in delivering structured documents over the World Wide Web. This DLL provides a series of links to enable XML to identify structures and specifications defining a standard way to add markup to documents like vector graphics, e-commerce transactions, mathematical equations, object meta-data, server API's, and a lot more.

Supporting a wide variety of applications, the xmlparse.dll program is beneficial to diverse functions of XML such as authoring, browsing, content analysis, etc., of structured documents. The XML application calls on this parser to provide pragmatically a compatibility with existing standards in solving the relatively new problem of sending richly-structured documents across the web. The xmlparse.dll module facilitates the matching of other applications like SGML where and when large amount of materials are involved, or HTML when a document comes bound with a set of semantics.

XML specifies neither semantics nor a tag set. In fact XML is really a meta-language for describing markup languages. The xmlparse.dll module provides a dynamic link to define these tags and the structural relationships between them. Where there is no predefined tag set, there can't be any preconceived semantics. All of the semantics of an XML document will either be defined by the xmlparse.dll file that processes them or by style sheets.

The number of optional features in XML is kept by the parser file xmlparse.dll to an absolute minimum, ideally zero. This is vital because the optional features inevitably raise compatibility problems when users want to share documents on the web. It essentially means that XML must be expressed in Extended Backus-Naur Form (EBNF) and must be amenable to modern compiler tools and techniques.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL:

Part Of: Extensible Markup Language Application

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: STML, HTML, icq.exe, icqcore.dll, icqlite.exe, icqmapi.dll

Background DLL: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: C:\ Windows\ systems 32\ xmlparse.dll

DLL Version: 1.0.0

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