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What is xpcom.dll?


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Windows Process Description:

The file xpcom.dll has been developed to serve as an application extension to software and programs, which exercise external interactive functions through the use of Internet. Most of the programs widely dependent on the xpcom.dll module are software and applications created by Mozilla Foundation, like its signature Internet browser, Mozilla Firefox and e-mail client Thunderbird.

The xpcom.dll functions as the applications' dependent glue. XULRunner application components are often used on Mozilla products since the mentioned software contains the file xpcom.dll. This file is important in running the abovementioned type of applications for it has the ability to link itself to xpcomglue_s.lib and xpcom.lib, two other major components in the Mozilla products' operations.

The xpcom.dll module comes under the Thunderbird archive. In case of failed activation, the version downloaded may have been corrupted. However, acquisition of the xpcom.dll file is easy through downloading the responsive version from Internet websites offering downloading services.

The xpcom.dll module is the file responsible for the ability of the browser to play Internet features like Internet radio client. The XPCOM services dependent applications are sensitive on the location of this library, so the proper directory location should be followed, depending on the application set default.

Aside from being used to web services related applications, the file xpcom.dll also appears under office-functioned applications like word-processors, presentation managers and spreadsheets. The file xpcom.dll can also be found running on applications that are not developed by Mozilla Foundation. The file has been concluded safe for usage since it poses no threat nor it contains any elements relative to viruses or malware. Omission of this file to an operating system installed with a dependent application will cause all affected programs not to work properly.

Author: Mozilla Foundation

Author URL:

Part Of: Mozilla Firefox

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Thunderbird, Netscape

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common Path: c:\ program files\ mozilla firefox\ xpcom.dll

DLL Version: 1.7.0

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